Please find below a list of useful information and resources for those interested in people with a learning disability and challenging behaviour.

There are also links on the right-hand side to other useful resources including videos, animations and other websites.

  • Challenging Behaviour Conference Report Final : PDF
  • CBCoP Transforming Care Top 5 Priorities Final Report : PDF
  • New free PBS awareness course developed by ABMU : PDF
  • Brief Behavioural Assessment Tool : PDF
  • Evaluation matrix for CB services : PDF
  • Evaluation matrix evidence template : PDF
  • Winterbourne View Time for Change Bubb report : PDF
  • Winterbourne View Time for Change Bubb report easy read : PDF
  • CB CoP Transforming care action plan : PDF
  • PBS Competence Framework 2015 : PDF
  • ADASS NHS Eng service model Oct 15 : PDF
  • Essential guide to autism and challenging behaviours : PDF
  • Challenging behaviour: a unified approach - update : PDF