Terms of reference

Read the group's terms of reference:

1. The Learning Disability Advisory Group is established by the Welsh Government to provide advice to the Deputy Minister for Social Services to inform learning disability policy development within the context of the implementation of its reform programme set out in the White Paper (2011) Sustainable Social Services : A Framework for Action and in respect of other relevant issues as appropriate. 

2. In providing any advice to the Welsh Government on matters in relation to paragraph 1 above, the Advisory Group will, where necessary, include in their advice their assessment of any additional costs for organisations in complying with their advice.

3. The Advisory Group may, where they consider that it will facilitate the work of the  Advisory Group, invite non-members to attend for either part or the whole of any meeting and, with the Co-chairs' agreement, to contribute to the discussions at the meeting.

4. Except where otherwise determined by the Welsh Government or the Advisory Group, members of the Advisory Group may, where they believe that this will facilitate the work of the Advisory Group, consult with non-members about matters referred to the Advisory Group pursuant to paragraph 1 above.

5. The Welsh Government will determine the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group. The Advisory Group at its first meeting and as necessary in future meetings will consider the proposed Terms of Reference and, if necessary, propose to the Welsh  Government any changes they consider should be made. The Advisory Group will be consulted about any future changes to the Terms of Reference that may be proposed by the Welsh Government.


6. The Welsh Government will appoint the Co-chairs and members of the Advisory Group.

7. The Advisory Group will hold meetings as and when the Co-chairs consider necessary but shall meet at least once in any 12-month period.

8. The Advisory Group will work with the Information Officer funded by the Welsh Government and hosted by Learning Disability Wales to promote the work of the group to stakeholders.

9. The Welsh Government will meet any appropriate and reasonable travel and subsistence costs that members may incur in attending meetings of the Advisory Group and its sub-groups

10. General secretariat services for the Advisory Group will normally be provided by officials from the Adult Social Services Policy Division of the Welsh Government. 

11. The Welsh Government will determine the date when the Learning Disability Advisory Group will be dissolved.